Midwest Fjord Horse Show
July 28-30, 2012
Iowa Equestrian Center
Cedar Rapids, IA

July 28
Adult Showmanship                           5th             
Adult Trail                                          4th             
Women's Single Pleasure Driving    6th             
Adult Reinsmanship                          5th              
Drive and Ride                                  2nd                

July 29
Adult English Pleasure                              3rd             
Adult English Equitation                           2nd             
Dressage Suitability                                  4th             
Hunter Hack                                              1st    
Link to the winning round!           
Jumper's Choice                                        4th
Turnout                                                      3rd             

July 30
Gambler's Choice                             3rd               
Pick Your Route                               5th
Adult Western Pleasure                   4th                
Adult Western Horsemanship         2nd                 
Adult Barrel Race                            1st                   
Speed and Action                             3rd                
Adult Pole Bending                           1st                

*Kandi was the Reserve Versatility Champion horse.
*Jessica and Kandi were the Adult High Point Champions!

Another successful and fun year for the LVR Crew!   The weather was tolerable thisyer, but we were
lucky to be able to show indoors to keep out of the sun.  There were over 50 Fjord horses entered.  
This was the largest Fjord show in North America once again.  Congrats to everyone!

Check out the pictures!